With decades of experience

The success of SIMDI is based upon the company’s high regard to its work philosophy, staff morale, value systems and proactive approach to conducting its business. It has remained as a shining beacon of integrity and honesty among Maldivian businesses.

The steadfast, reputation, matched with exemplary sales performances and after sales services have made SIMDI one of the most sought-after companies by international businesses seeking representation and distributorship of their products and services in Maldives.

It has also become one of the top the companies of choice for many job seekers seeking an amicable, energizing and satisfying working environment.

Today SIMDI has a distinguished reputation and recognition throughout Maldives as one of the leaders in its field, and one who embraces ethical standards and conducts its affairs within an environment of fairness, honesty and integrity. It is the pride and joy of SIMDI to maintain this reputation while upholding staff morale.

SIMDI´s success

The success of SIMDI is based upon the company’s high regard to its work philosophy, value systems and proactive approach to conducting business.


The company is led by

The name ‘SIMDI’ as a company came into being in 2001, under the ownership of the Current Chairman Mr Ibrahim Mohamed Didi and CEO Dr.Mariyam Shakeela as a result of an amicable and a strategic split between the partners of one of the first formally established Companies in Maldives setup in 1972 by Mr Didi and his partners in response to the demands of the emerging tourism industry.

It meant that even at its inception, SIMDI emerged very strong, backed by organizational knowledge, human expertise, experiences and strong leadership, with an edge above others as a mature and reputable Company.

Mr Didi and Dr Mariyam Shakeela are also instrumental in conceptualizing designing, and building the first true 5 star quality tourism product within an environment of skeptism and disbelief that Maldives could fetch room rates of over US$1000.00. This very property; Kanuhura Beach and Spa Resort caught the attention of international hotel management companies for its overall excellence, in services, in design and in its operation leading to a management arrangement with Kertzner International resulting in the creation of the World’s very first One & Only resort; One & Only Kanuhura property in Lhaviyani Atoll. The introduction of One & Only Kanuhura uplifted the image of Maldives tourism, shifting the tourism landscape of Maldives to the next level. Apart from that Mr Didi was also a pioneer in Tourism industry setting up one of the first fully integrated tourist resorts in the country.

SIMDI has always been a market leader

SIMDI Group’s day to day operation is led by Mishal Ibrahim Didi (Managing Director), Yooshau Saeed (General Manager) and other members of Executive Team. The Executive Team draws strength form the Chairman, Mr Ibrahim Mohamed Didi and CEO, Dr Mariyam Shakeela’s extensive knowledge, visionary outlook and exceptional leadership qualities, to ensure that SIMDI stays a step ahead of its competition.

The Executive Team led by Mishal Didi (Managing Director)and Yooshau Saeed (General Manager) is the key driving force in the day-to-day operations. With solution-oriented implementation plans and operational strategies are laid in close collaboration and consultation with the management teams of the Strategic Business Units and Departments of the Company. The policy level directions are implemented and executed by the management teams some of whom are armed with experience and knowledge for more than 30 years. The young, passionate, energetic, tech savvy people selected and trained in marketing, customer relations and finance brings innovation and energy flowing into the organization and offer complete customer contentment.

The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee members perform multifunctional roles at SIMDI, providing ideas, analysis and direction for key decisions to propel the company forward and also acts as the steering committee for all the new projects and investments of SIMDI Group.  All new projects are spearheaded by a designated Executive Team member who would be responsible for the project implementation until they are finalized and executed. They are then transitioned to the full control of the manager in line for the active operations. The Executive Team is the top-level management of the company and comprises of the following invaluable resources.