About us

About Us

SIMDI is a trading company

SIMDI Group came into being in 2001, with a history of knowledge, experiences and expertise dating back to 1972. Since then, SIMDI has evolved remarkably, setting trends and keeping up with emerging markets. Today, SIMDI is recognized as one of the most reputable trading companies in Maldives. With decades of experience in trading, marketing and distribution, SIMDI has positioned itself as one of the premium suppliers and distributors of world-renown products to Maldives, Sri Lanka and Dubai.

This diverse and integrated operation has been built on establishing strong and lasting partnerships with some of the world’s biggest names in all areas of our portfolio. SIMDI has a highly determined and experienced team that prides itself on market knowledge, seamless transaction sand the best customer service to achieve premium results. From the very beginning, SIMDI embarked on its journey with a mandate to ensure that it embraces modern business principles, apply cutting edge technology and practice continuous self-evaluation to ensure the workforce stay as happy, motivated with committed team players to deliver products and services efficiently and effectively. SIMDI is able to bring modern management techniques and principle sin a uniquely Maldivian way of doing business. It is this philosophy that led to the company slogan ‘recreating commerce’.

SIMDI is recognised throughout Maldives as one of the leaders in its field.

The company has worked hard

over many years to earn its distinguished reputation and recognition within the market. Indeed, SIMDI’s reputations as being trusted and ethical are high and a rare praise that the company prides itself on maintaining.