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SIMDI CPD was established in 2002 with the aim of being the leader in supplying world renowned fast moving consumer goods to the Maldives. We are engaged in sourcing, marketing and distributing FMCG products to the retail & resort market. The brands we represent are globally renowned for reliability, quality and consumer satisfaction.


Our range of hot and cold beverages includes world renowned brands such as Dilmah Tea, Holsten Non-alcoholic beer, Boncafe Icafe & Monin non-alcoholic Syrups.

Known for their delightful tastes, Cadbury and Perfetti brands offer a unique and enjoyable way to experience the pleasure of pure chocolates and candies.

We provide a broad range of foods items with some of the best quality brands in the market. Our brands include the Dunar range of premium basmati rice, Garofalo pasta & spaghetti, Santan Coconut Milk Powder and Beerenberg jams, marmalades and condiments.

Our house and home care products include a wide variety of consumer products. We distribute all sorts of items ranging from detergents to balms & inhalers, and from adult diapers to batteries. CPD offers a full range of household care products under one roof.

Our beauty and personal care products include top global brands from Procter & Gamble such as Olay skin moisturizers, facial creams & cleansers, Head & Shoulder and Pantene shampoos and conditioners, Gillette razors and shaving foams and Splash wet wipes.

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Managing the change
Maldives is a country that is heavily dependent on imports. The huge growth in demand for consumer products and food items has led to many international brands being present in the market.

For more than a decade SIMDI CPD has worked tirelessly to become a long term leading FMCG supplier in the market. SIMDI CPD has been instrumental in introducing the market to some of the worlds most distinguished and leading brands. Names such as Dilmah, Holsten, Icafe are now household names across the Maldives. SIMDI CPD has also used its excellent performance and reputation to acquire the exclusive distribution rights to many of the other leading brands that already existed in the market. 
Our team
CPD is driven forward by its commitment to invest in people and processes, where we attract and retain competent and qualified staff by creating a culture that fosters and promotes initiative, innovation and personal growth.
One Source Provider
We are a one source provider for a wide range of well-known fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and other branded food products. The brands we represent are renowned for reliability, quality and consumer satisfaction.

We have established a comprehensive distribution network across Maldives which includes resorts, hotels, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and general traders.
Staying ahead of competition
Aggressive competition from micro and macro markets have kept us closely engaged. As a result, we have steered the competition by monitoring the competitive environment on a regular basis and quickly adapted to each and every market shift. 

Many players have emerged and disappeared in the last three decades while we continue to hold and grow year on year with innovative adaptive approach.
Innovative Thinking
We at SIMDI CPD are always striving to work for our brand partners and our customers, in order to present a one-stop shop that is reliable, organized and trustworthy, catering to and satisfying the local needs of the Maldivian market.

Our innovative thinking, cost efficiency, team work, service quality, adaptability to change and passion in learning, enables us to integrate strategic marketing and deliver superior value to our customers and our brand partners.

Over the years

SIMDI CPD has experienced considerable growth, increasing its distribution network reaching to the islands, while having its own distribution centers in many islands. The right focus and expansion of the product portfolio over the years has developed the division to be one of the leading FMCG suppliers in the Maldives

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