Dr Mariyam Shakeela

A Doctorate of Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia served in several political posts as a Cabinet Minister prior to leaving the government in August 2014 and getting involved in the private sector yet again. 

She is

currently heading SIMDI Group of companies in Maldives as its CEO, besides being chairperson to several entities which include Maldives Network to Empower Women (MNEW/MNWR); Institute of Counselling and Psychotherapy (ICP);
Addu Women’s Association (AWA) and International Medical and Diagnostic Centre (IMDC). She is also a member of Civil Service Action Group (CSAG), of UN WOMEN, Multi Country Office.

Dr Mariyam Shakeela

Mr Ibrahim Mohamed Didi

is recognised as one of the few original pioneers of the tourist industry in Maldives. Mr Didi was the first person in Maldives to construct a fully integrated resort, with attached bathrooms and other facilities which are now standard today.

He is

also among the first businessmen to identify the opportunities that came with a developing tourism industry, in particular the opportunities to support fledgling hotel operators by providing the goods and services that they required to succeed. The business commenced in 1972 when there was a dire need for various resort supply products ranging from wine and spirits, to kitchen and laundry equipment to name just a few. Since then, the operation has diversified into many areas and in 2001 the operation was re-launched as SIMDI Company Pvt. Ltd. with
Mr Didi at the helm as the Chairman.

Mr Ibrahim Mohamed Didi

The begining

The business commenced in 1972 when there was a dire need for various resort supply products ranging from wine and spirits, to kitchen and laundry equipment.



SIMDI Bev was developed in the 1980s with the aim to provide the hospitality industry with the much needed support service in the supply and distribution of alcoholic beverages. Over the years SIMDI Bev has become more focused and now has in its product portfolio world renowned spirits and wines.



SIMDI Resu was established in 1988 with its objective being to provide cost-effective and quality resort-ware to the hospitality industry. Over the years this division has acquired distributorship of some of the most sought after products by the resorts. Resu has been a prominent player in this market segment and has become a well-recognised business amongst resorts and local customers alike.



Established in 1995, SIMDI Tech is the authorised distributor for full range of CANON products and is regarded as the market leader for office automation products in the Maldives. In addition to a strong and dedicated sales force, one of the key success factors of SIMDI Tech is the quality and reliability of its after sales service. This function is provided by our CANON certified service centre which is operated by our dedicated, experienced CANON certified technicians.


SIMDI Company

In 2001 the operation was re-launched as SIMDI Company Pvt. Ltd.



SIMDI CPD was established in 2002 to enable the SIMDI Group to focus its efforts in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). CPD acts as the supplier for all of its FMCG products and with a dedicated and competent sales force has a wide and comprehensive distribution network in supplying, merchandising and restocking all of its FMCG products in a wide number of wholesale outlets, retail outlets, supermarkets and mini-markets, atolls, resorts, hotels and restaurants.



The Maldives Capital Market Development Authority and the Maldives Stock Exchange was established in 2006. The SIMDI Group as always has been proactive and seized this potential business opportunity through the formation of Stock Brokers Maldives (SBM) – which is the first licensed and registered brokerage firm in the Maldives. Since inception SBM has been actively involved in stock brokering and sales and development of the Maldives Equity and Capital Market.



In 2007, SIMDI established its subsidiary the International Medical and Diagnostic Centre (IMDC). IMDC is the first ever private hospital established in an atoll setting outside the Capital. Located in Hithadhoo, Addu City, IMDC has built an excellent reputation amongst the locals through the hospitals quality and affordable health-care services.


Smart Design Pvt. Ltd

Smart Design Pvt. Ltd is a subsidiary of the SIMDI Group that was established in 2007. It is one of the fastest growing design and interior construction firms in the country. With a modern showroom and a state-of-the-art carpentry in Thilafushi Island, Smart Design offers customised concept design and built solutions to the market.



In 2014, the four business units of SIMDI were consolidated under a single brand, the SIMDI Group.


Institute for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Institute for Counselling and Psychotherapy (ICP) was registered on 15th April 2015 as a subsidiary of IMDC which is under SIMDI groups of companies. ICP is a multidisciplinary mental health care Institute which provides a range of counselling and psychotherapy services towards the creation of a better tomorrow for our people.


Waterproof Sports

In 2015, SIMDI became the principle shareholder of the award winning diving and water sports company Waterproof sports. Waterproof caters in particular to divers from Europe. The team show a unique enthusiasm that is passed to the customer, who enjoy a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere in a dynamic team with a lot of fun and dives that stay in your memory.