Simdi´s employees
are our most precious assets


We offer competitive salary and benefits package to all our employees. This includes rest and recuperation benefits with annual return airfares home for expatriates.


Team Atmosphere

There is a SIMDI Recreation and Social Club (SRSC) which all staff can join. Join us for a picnic, or a night fishing excursion. Will you lead your team to victory in our inter-office cricket or football tournaments. Plenty of fun to be had all year long.


Educational Assistance

Efforts by staffs to upgrade their skills and knowledge are encouraged by the Company. In many cases, we offer financial assistance to help you achieve your goals as you help us achieve ours. SIMDI also conducts its own in house training to help keep you sharp and focused on the future.


Staff Lease Purchase Policy

The SIMDI Staff Lease Purchase policy is a privilege for the enjoyment of our staff. (Subject to availability of item and eligibility of staff).


Medical Benefits

We offer comprehensive medical benefits equivalent to your basic monthly salary each year as a contribution towards health insurance costs. If you're married, medical will be reimbursed for your spouse and children. If you're single, medical will be reimbursed for your children and parents.

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