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Simdi Bev was developed in the 1980s with the aim of providing the hospitality industry with the best possible support service in the supply and distribution of alcoholic beverages. Today we are engaged in marketing and distributing the full range of alcoholic beverages to the resort market. 

Wines are the most demanding category and the environment for wines changes more often than any other category.  SIMDI Bev carries a very competitive portfolio and has its own strongholds. We represent biggest names such as Penfolds, Montes, Barton & Gustier, to boutique style small produces such as Vachron, Mosswood, Vincent Girardin and Domain Vernay.

As wines are as delicate as a newly born, we focus much about sourcing (directly from wineries), logistics (all our wine are shipped on reefer), stock keeping (we have the biggest fleet and all air-conditioned and properly insulated warehousing) and FIFO (rotation of stocks). As such, we ensure that we offer optimum quality to our clients. Over two decades SIMDI Bev has maintained its trust with its supplier chain and while we maintain the portfolio, we innovate year on year (YOY) by introducing new labels to the market from the wine belt.

Marie Brizard has always been the choice of bartender’s and the F&B professionals. Since the founding of the company by Marie Brizard and her nephew, Jean-Baptiste Roger in 1755; the company has evolved today to become the trend setter in the field of manufacturing liqueurs. 
We are proud to present the range of its products (Liqueurs) to the Maldives resorts and help the resorts to uplift the quality of their cocktail menus not only by just selling but also offering consultancy and support with trainings and events. The island’s biggest cocktail completion "SIMDI Bartenders Seminar and Cocktail Competition" "SBSC" is held in association with Marie Brizard by annually. 

MONIN "By far the greatest substitute for fresh fruits" not only MONIN offers applications but also offers the best quality in comparison to all available competitor products. The French origin Maison founded in 1912 by George MONIN in Bourges, France is still to date is family owned. 
Today, "with 100 years of experience, MONIN has become the brand of choice of the gourmet flavor business with over 140 flavours available in 140 countries" SIMDI Bev introduced MONIN to the market in 2009, and starting from just 10 flavours and 02 Purees the range available in the Maldives today has grown to 40 flavours and 11 purees to meet the demand of our clients also the latest introduction of Frappe’s powders and gourmet sauces.

We (SIMDI Bev) represent and hold the exclusive rights for distributing Diageo, Remy Cointreau, Campari International, Marie Brizard, MONIN, Cuervo, and many others. While many others parallel import spirits products to the market we as a policy of the company avoid third party sourcing. Thus, offering our clients the authentic products which route through the origin and supplier chain.

We distribute San Miguel beer in the market since 1993 and today the brand is positioned amongst the leading premium beers available in the market. The lighted bodied beer is popular for its creamy texture and suit the tropical whether conditions very well. San Miguel has been the choice of premium larger and available over 50 resorts in the market.

Magners is a premium, traditional blend of Irish cider with a clean and refreshing taste. Born in Clonmel, the home of Irish Cider, since 1935 making it one of Ireland's only truly authentic ciders

SIMDI Bev holds the largest Champagne repertoire in the Maldives. We distribute some of the finest houses from Champagne. Billecart Salmon, Bollinger, Charles Heidsieck, Piper Heidsieck, Lanson, Champagne Gremillet, Delamote and Salon are amongst the portfolio.

We take great pride being the leader in this category. Whether our clients are looking for a straight fruit driven fresh Champagne or a rarefied, we are able to cater to all those needs to suit the changing demand and the environment.

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Managing the change
From the beginning of Maldives tourism in the late 70’s the market has grown year on year at a dramatic rate. As pioneers in the distribution of alcoholic beverages we have best managed the evolution of the industry by doing the basics right. 

With the growth of tourism, the Maldives market has attracted many top international hotel and resort brands at the forefront of the industry. We have adapted by developing our portfolio, services and expertise to cater to such demanding conditions. 

As a result, SIMDI Bev steers the market leadership and remains the best choice and the most reliable partner for the industry giants to work with in distributing their products to the Maldives market.
Our team
With many years of experience in the field of wines and spirits the team brings expertise and offers highly professional services and consultation to our clients. 

We have a dedicated multinational work force handling different job functions operating from the capital city of Maldives (Male’).
Product portfolio
We offer the most comprehensive collection of beverages in the market. Our strong philosophy of working with its origin by avoiding the middleman or traders has helped us offer the authentic products to our clients and retain their loyalty. 

From our inception we have been dealing with most of the top players in the industry and representing their products in the territory of Maldives as exclusive appointed distributors. As such, we are in a position today to offer products under one roof to meet varied desires in the market.
Staying ahead of competition
Aggressive competition from micro and macro markets have kept us closely engaged.

As a result, we have steered the competition by monitoring the competitive environment on a regular basis and quickly adapted to each and every market shift. 

Many players have emerge and disappeared in the last three decades while we continue to hold and grow year on year with innovative adaptive approach.
Warehousing Facilities and supply of goods
Adequate stock holding and consistency in supplies have benefited us earning the competitive edge and gain trust from our clients. 

Owning the largest warehousing facility has helped us achieve this. Despite its heavy maintenance cost the company continues to improve its facilities to offer superior support to our clients. 

In a market where logistics is crucial the company has been able to work with its associates on tight specifics.

Over the years

Simdi Bev has become more focused and now has in its product portfolio world renowned spirits and wines. The comprehensive product portfolio coupled with a sound organisational setup with competent and qualified employees, including a wine sommelier from Italy has made Simdi Bev the biggest and leading distributor in this market segment.

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