SIMDI Tech” Expands Its Portfolio as the Authorised Distributor of Lenovo in the Maldives

May 14, 2024

SIMDI Group's Key Division, "SIMDI Tech" proudly announces its Authorized Distribution Partnership with

"Lenovo", marking the beginning of a new era for tech enthusiasts in the Maldives since March 2023. As the Authorized Distributor of Lenovo in the Maldives, SIMDI Tech ensures cutting-edge technology and a host of exclusive benefits for customers.  

Lenovo is renowned for its innovative, durable & reliable computing devices including servers, laptops, desktops, tablets, monitors and smart panels. As an authorized distributor for Lenovo products, SIMDI Tech will offer a comprehensive range of Lenovo devices to meet the diverse needs of consumers and businesses.

With SIMDI Tech’s extensive network of showrooms and trained brand consultants, customers can expect a seamless purchasing experience and access to expert guidance in selecting the right Lenovo products for their needs. Whether it’s for personal use, business applications or specialized computing requirements, SIMDI Tech is dedicated to helping customers find the perfect Lenovo solution.

SIMDI Group, currently distributes the very in demand Lenovo series in the Maldives, which includes:

• Lenovo IdeaPad

• Lenovo ThinkPad

• Lenovo Yoga

• Lenovo LEGION

• Lenovo LOQ

• Lenovo Think Center

• Lenovo Think Station

Lenovo products available for wholesale & retail from SIMDI Tech show rooms & through SIMDI Online app:

Product leasing options are available through MIB & MFLC.

Authorized Distribution Benefits by SIMDI Tech:

As the Authorized Distributor, SIMDI Tech ensures that customers enjoy exclusive benefits when purchasing Lenovo Products:

• Up to 3-year genuine Lenovo warranty:

Customers can purchase confidently, knowing that SIMDI Tech’s commitment underlines the trust in the quality and durability.

• Expert Brand Consultation and Usage Guidance:

SIMDI Tech's knowledgeable sales consultants are available to guide customers through their purchases. Receive expert advice on selecting the right Lenovo product for your needs and get insights on optimal usage.

• Hands-On Experience for All Product Lines: To enhance the buying experience, customers can visit

SIMDI Tech's showroom. Here, customers can have a hands-on experience with all available Lenovo products.


As a leading technology provider in the Maldives, SIMDI Tech is the authorized distributor for renowned brands such as Canon, Godox, Lenovo, Milestone, and JBL. SIMDI Tech has solidified its reputation as a go-to destination for cutting-edge technology solutions. SIMDI Tech, operating through two showrooms and a

service center, is supported by a dedicated sales force and after-sales service. SIMDI Tech enjoys a strong rapport with the government, the hospitality industry, and the public sector and has been committed to delivering high-quality technology and innovative, top-tier products and solutions in the Maldives for over two decades.