SIMDI Euro 2020 Prediction Winners

January 22, 2024

Congratulations to the #SIMDIEuroPrediction league's winners. Our #Euro2020 Predict the Score Challenge went smoothly with a lot of support. The Challenge was stacked with exciting weekly prizes alongside a SIMDI Gift Voucher worth MVR 10,000 as the Grand Prize. The winners were selected based on Matchday rankings and the Grand Winner was chosen based on who occupied the top spot at the end of the tournament. We wanted to do something that'd let people enjoy the Euro season while staying home and staying safe and we're extremely glad that the challenge was well-received.

Weekly Winners:

#SIMDIEuroPrediction 1st Week (Match Day 1) Winner -  Ibrahim Nihan, winner of Vacuum Cleaner and Microwave Oven.

#SIMDIEuroPrediction 2nd Week (Match Day 2) Winner- Ahmed Mihad, winner of Illy coffee at-home starter kit.

#SIMDIEuroPrediction 3rd Week (Match Day 3) Winner -  Maail, winner of Rayo S1 Mini Projector

#SIMDIEuroPrediction 4th Week (Match Day 4) Winner - Affan, winner of PowerShot SX540 Digital Camera.

The Grand Winner:

#SIMDIEuroPredictions The Grand Winner - Ahmed Mihad, winner of SIMDI Gift Voucher worth MVR 10,000