January 22, 2024

Today we opened a new division of SIMDI Group, LEVO.

LEVO is a place where the food is crafted to serve a sumptuous meal. We offer our guests an elegant inviting dining experience. We don’t settle for anything less than the food we are proud to serve. LEVO is the first and only restaurant operated by all-female staff, in the Maldives.

We are here to feed all your senses with the help of our brilliant chefs, from those handmade pieces of exactly-mouthful sushi to the greatest pizza slice, the aroma of our food will make your mouth drool. We truly believe in the continuous relationship between fresh delectable food and life’s moments of enjoyment and to let you enjoy those moments with us, we have homemade heavenly ice cream with unique flavors.

To relish an exceptional culinary journey and for a mouthwatering international cuisine with a slight touch of Maldivian taste, visit us.