Community Safety Partnership MOU Signing Ceremony

January 22, 2024

We are excited to announce that SIMDI Group has partnered with Maldives Police Service to support Community Safety programs in 2023!

Today, we signed an MOU for the partnership at an event held at Iskandhar Building. This partnership will allow us to contribute to the extraordinary work carried out by Maldives Police Service's Crime Prevention & Public Affairs division.

As a socially responsible organization, we support the community and promote public safety. We are delighted to collaborate with Maldives Police Service in achieving these objectives. Under this partnership, we will provide CANON Cameras / Accessories and ILLY products to Maldives Police Services.

The Community Safety programs are all-inclusive for school children, parents, teachers, adolescents, and the elderly. These programs aim to raise awareness of good values, discipline, social responsibilities, and leadership, create awareness regarding crimes, and explain how to handle crime situations. They also aim to develop disciplined, honest, responsible adults who can be exemplary to others and create well-mannered citizens. We are proud to contribute to the efforts of the Maldives Police Service in building a safe and low-crime society.