January 22, 2024

On the occasion of our glorious 20th anniversary, we arranged some CSR events, such as Beach cleaning and Blood donation. Therefore, in association with Maldives Blood Services, we had a blood donation camp to support a righteous cause, where our staff and management participated in donating blood. For the time being, beach clean-up with our staff and management has been postponed, once the COVID-related circumstances are under control we will be doing the beach clean-up as well.

Our anniversary is a joyous occasion where we all come together to celebrate; our20th-anniversary celebration was held all through the organization in Addu, Resorts, Dubai, and Sri Lanka as well. However, due to the pandemic, this year we had a virtual cake cutting ceremony on a conference call with the staff from all our divisions, subsidiaries, and associated companies.

Moreover, we've hosted a Share and Win Giveaway on all our social media plat forms. Additionally, we have a 20% off promotion on our SIMDI Online app. The purpose is to spread the joy of our anniversary with our customers for all the support they've shown throughout this journey our staff and management have had. The giveaway and promotion close on the 4th of February 2021, and we will be announcing winners for six total giveaways on the 7th of February 2021.

During our anniversary, we often hold competitive activities between our staff but in order to practice proper social distancing, we're having an inter-staff SIMDI themed trivia on the staff Viber group. We want our customers, staff, and management to be able to mark this occasion with great delight in a safe manner despite the pandemic and our utmost priority is to make our staff feel they are valued, regardless of whether they are a long way from us.