Welcome to MONIN Cup 2024 Maldives, an exhilarating bartending competition designed to push the boundaries of your mixology skills to new heights.

In a world that's embracing the No/Low ABV trend, we invite you, young and talented bartenders, to craft alternative, innovative, and unforgettable drinks.

As competitors, we challenge you to elevate your cocktail creations beyond mere taste and into the realm of storytelling. Creativity will be the pillar of our judging, encouraging you to think outside the glass and embrace the unconventional.

Rules and Regulations

1. Calendar & Deadlines
• June 1st, 2024: Deadline for submitting the names of participants.
• June 1st, 2024: Deadline for submitting the recipe to the portal.
• Beginning of December 2024: MONIN Cup Final in France.

2. Competitor selection process
For each competitor to take part in the competition, all the following criteria must be met:
• Competitors should be either professional bartenders or students from bar schools.
• To be eligible for the MONIN CUP final, participants must be 27 years old or younger. In other words, all contestants should have been born in 1997 or later.
• On the day of the competition, all competitors will have to bring their own tools and glasses and follow  

3. Competition Format and Timings  
• Top 15 Participants will have 10 minutes to prepare and execute, 4 portions of same submitted recipe (3 portion for 3 judges, 1 for photos).

4. Rules & Regulations  
• When the recipe is submitted, the organizing committee will tell which ingredients can be made available and which ones must be brought by the competitor. Some ingredients may not be available at the competition location, so make sure it is taken into consideration.
• Competitors will need to bring all their own glassware or serving vessels that they need, making sure there is enough for the 4 drinks to be prepared.
• Participants are advised to bring their own equipment to prepare their drink and garnish(Jigger, shaker, etc)
• Due to the country restrictions on alcoholic beverages, alcohol will be provided for the submitted recipes by the organizing team.

5.Recipe and ingredient requirements  
To create the final drink, competitors must include at least 10ml of any MONIN product, such as Le Sirop de MONIN, Le Concentré de MONIN, orLe Fruit de MONIN. Multiple MONIN products are acceptable. Competitors are free to incorporate any edible ingredients from brands not competing with MONIN (syrups or purees) into their recipes. The number and quantity of ingredients used are unrestricted, as long as they are safe for consumption.  
Only one homemade ingredient is permitted per competitor, but it must satisfy the following criteria:
• It can be an infusion, bitter,juice etc...
• Homemade syrups, cordials, or similar products must be based on MONIN products.- If using a homemade syrup,cordial, or comparable product, an unadulterated MONIN product must also be included in the recipe.
• All homemade components must be thoroughly explained,including the recipe, and submitted on the registration form before the application deadline.  

Garnishes can be edible or not, if they are consistent with the drink or the theme of the competition. This year's theme emphasizes the growing popularity of No/LowABV cocktails, so we're introducing a new requirement for the final drink's alcohol content: the beverage must have a maximum ABV of 8% before dilution. Any drink submitted with an ABV exceeding 8%before dilution will be disqualified from the final competition.

6. Judging Criteria
Judging will consider:
• The candidate's presentation: Personal presentation and ability to communicate in English.
• Cleanliness: Having an organised, clean, and efficient way of working, maintaining a clean work area,avoiding spillages.
• Technical skills: The competitor's skill and proper use of bartending techniques.
• Drink evaluation: The appearance and presentation, the aroma,taste, balance, originality, and how it links to the theme of the competition.  
• Penalties shall apply for exceeding the time limit.

7. Awards and rewards 
• All the submitted recipes by the participants will be rewarded by the Monin Cup 2024 participation certifications.
• Certification for top 15 recipes of Monin Cup Maldives.
• First Runners up and Second Runners up will be rewarded with a trip to Monin Malaysia Factory sponsored by Monin and SIMDI Bev.
• Winner of Monin Cup Maldives will represent Maldives in the Global Final in France (December 2024)